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Sinulog Festival

Sinulog Cebu

The word Sinulog is derived from the Cebuano word with meaning, "like the flowing water." Defined here are reluctant to step tramp hang Sinulog dance. The dancer usually dances forward and backwards in conjunction with the timing of the drum. One of Cebu Events, every 3rd Sunday of January. The theme is One Beat One Dance One Vision, it is called Sinulog Festival; Sinulog Philippines or Sinulog Cebu known as street dance of queen city of the south, tribute to the beloved patron of Cebuano.

Sinulog 2015

This coming January 18, 2015(sinulog festival 2015), make sure to have your friends and enjoy your vacation here in sinulog cebu.
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The Celebration includes Sinulog Bazaar, the Sinulog contest, art and cultural performances, a procession, the parade there on the river Mactan, the Queen of Sinulog, and the colorful fireworks that pinasasabog the air.... As Ati-atihan, the Sinulog was asked? sacred image of Santo Niņo, and the melody of "Pit Seņor! Hey, blows! "shall remove the drum, clap, and scream at people across the city.
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Cebu Sinulog

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